Wide Range Of Metal Buttons

- Dec 08, 2017-

In our common color varieties, according to the shape of a circle, square, diamond, oval, leaf and so on; according to the color with convex flowers, concave flowers, inlaid, edging, etc .; raw material phase technology with bakelite, leather, shell , Pearl, electroplating, metal, etc., as well as without stitching, no line, no buttonhole buttons, etc .; there are some with discoloration disc tray plate button, can be carefully disc shape a variety of shapes, rich artistic, such as butterflies Button, goldfish button, plum button, heart button and so on. According to the characteristics can be divided into four categories: synthetic buttons, natural materials, buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons.

Metal buttons in early spring, warmer temperatures, people have taken off heavy cotton, put on thin spring. The buttons, as indispensable clothing embellishment, this time also had its significant significant time. There are two main buttons, one is a plastic button, one is a metal button. In contrast, the types of metal buttons are more numerous, some on the grade of clothing will be matched with some well-designed metal buttons, Semir metal button factory - due to focus and professional.