Why Men Wearing The Button Left Right?

- Dec 08, 2017-

Since its own alloy buttons, people increasingly like this compact and convenient clothing accessories, derivatives on the alloy buttons are also emerging, put the Buddha people can not do without the alloy buttons. In fact, the same is true, alloy buttons now have a wide range of applications in many areas: clothing, bags, shoes and hats. But using the alloy button for so long, there is a problem I'm afraid I have not found - why the male left male button right?

Because modern apparel is based on Western apparel, the buttons are naturally installed in accordance with Western apparel standards. Westerners generally wear shirts and suits, buttons on the right is more in line with the habit of Western button buckle posture. However, there was a very interesting question. In the past, ladies in the West generally did not button their own buckles. They were buttoned by maids dressed in hostess waitresses, so that the maids could buckle their time easily Women's clothing button just the opposite of men, is on the right. So, a lot of the habit of alloy foot button is not actually as simple as people imagine, in-depth understanding or can find a lot of anecdotes.