Metal Button Factory Production Button Core Features

- Dec 08, 2017-

1. Urgent button (also known as four in one button), used for windbreaker, leather, casual wear, children's wear and so on.

The changes will be in the button surface (including the material, size, color, LOGO), matched with the end of the three. Button surface of the four commonly used materials are: copper, alloy, nylon, rubber. (Copper surface and alloy surface is metal

Material, nylon and rubber for the plastic material, nylon is rigid, the rubber is soft.

2, from the production process stresses emergency button is divided into two types: one for the stamping parts, one for the die-casting parts, copper buttons for the stamping parts, alloy and plastic button surface for the die-casting parts; because of the different process ,alloy

Compared with copper more able to make different styles and styles of emergency button

3, denim metal button buttons (also known as the word button), mostly used in denim clothing, in recent years there are also used for casual wear

4, copper surface and alloy surface I-button for the common denim buttons, because the copper stamping and alloy die-casting can be made in a variety of styles and industrial-type button word style, more suitable for garment production needs