Jewelery Buttons Too Close Personal Cause Skin Disease

- Dec 08, 2017-

As the weather is getting hotter, dermatology patients are getting more. Recently, there are more young female patients with contact dermatitis, and its causes are actually trousers of jeans. Doctors remind the public to try to avoid direct contact with metal objects of the skin, jewelry should also be cautious.

Recently, many young girls due to the red around the abdomen, and some even exudation to the hospital for medical examination, the doctor found that these girls are originally because wearing tight jeans, jeans buttons as a result of prolonged and Abdominal skin contact, which triggered the contact dermatitis.

As for why the metal buttons on the skin can cause dermatitis, the relevant parties gave an explanation. As some metal buttons in the production process, will be a small proportion of the incorporation of a small amount of chromium, nickel, copper and other metals, hot weather, increased body sweat, sweat in the water can lead to a small amount of nickel metal button on the surface of nickel sulfate dissolution, so the skin Absorption occurs after an allergic reaction, which induced skin disease, some people with allergies, the reaction is more intense.