Alloy Button Evolution

- Dec 08, 2017-

Alloy buttons that we usually include: Sihetun deduction, the word deduction (denim deduction), hit nails, rivets, sewing buttons, sewn buttons, the word deduction, the word deduction, rings, the deduction.

Alloy buttons plating a variety of colors, green bronze, red bronze, black bronze, dark Keruoke, Shampoo, Pak Lak, imitation gold, and so on, different places, also called different.

Alloy button use

As a soft sculpture clothing is a combination of point, line, surface, and alloy buttons is a form of point. Point of the movement of the line, point for the extension of the line or the role of the connection. According to this feature, in a simple dress on the line with the same size but tight buttons, even if not in the color and material to make a difference, people's eyes still can not help but stay in it for a moment.