After Buying Clothes To Prevent Metal Buttons Rust

- Dec 08, 2017-

Due to some external or perceived causes, we have to solve it fundamentally. Metal buttons are mostly rusty due to the influence of moisture, high temperature, raising gas, sulfur dioxide, chloride, dust and other factors. Prevention is to avoid or slow down the influence of these factors on the buttons. With the progress of technology production technology, nowadays, metal objects rust prevention methods are more high-tech. When smelting can add some specific elements, improve the resistance of the metal to the erosion of the external environment. Metal objects can also be surface corrosion-resistant treatment to form a specific protective film. In addition to these, or one is the external protection measures. Can use rust inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, seals and other methods to make metal buttons temporarily isolated from the outside world. Although the daily use will also weaken the protective surface of the button surface, but by this method, the rust-proof period of up to several months to several years, basically to ensure that during our probationary period will not rust of.