Plastic button plating knowledge

- Dec 08, 2017-

(1) the appearance of quality. Plastic button plating appearance requirements than the metal plating more polished surface, the brightness can generally be achieved, but the extent there is a certain difference. It is generally believed that the appearance of a better appearance, "black

", Brightness visual sense is" thick. "This macro-feeling by the micro-surface state of the decision, that micro-surface must be very smooth. Coating can not be kept in the fog, very slight mist, light or

Can not find face to face, to be found under the light of a particular angle, so easily overlooked. As for the plastic, peeling, burrs, pitting and other defects deep plating, plating is absolutely not allowed to deposit.

(2) The internal quality of plastic buttons. Automotive, motorcycle parts or higher parts plating, the technical specifications have certain requirements: such as coating adhesion, corrosion resistance of copper and acetic acid corrosion test, thermal cycling test and field use test, the need to be equipped with a certain degree of tolerance plating Deformation requirements.