Metal buttons factory production of metal buttons need environmental protection?

- Dec 08, 2017-

Although the small metal buttons are just a small apparel in a small ornament, and our country is a lot of clothing exports because of small metal buttons environmental problems can not lead to customs, which really should be the phrase: "a rat Shit smashes a pot of porridge. " In order to comply with the trend of the world and protect the world's ecological environment, environmental-friendly metal buttons should arouse our concern, here's to understand what the characteristics of environmental buttons.

Hardware buttons environmental requirements:

Button metal factory mainly refers to the environmental protection electroplating non-Lattice, fuel injection and other surface treatment also requires non-Lat. For environmental metal buttons, electroplating must be selected non-Lattice plating, and according to the requirements of garment production and processing, and sometimes need to be further processed after plating: such as over Lats rack, anti-acid Lats rack, over temperature Lak rack, these with the environment It does not matter much, it only serves the purpose of some protection (eg, discoloration, rust prevention, etc.). According to customer requirements, we may also be good in the electroplated metal buttons on the surface of the injection, wiping, Dijiao, diamond and other processes, these processes used materials remember that we must use environmentally friendly materials. The current method of testing eco-friendly metal buttons is through the syrup test (similar to the method of PH test strips, using the Asian Pharmacy test), the general factory QC can take the test.