Children's wear metal buttons, metal accessories check the focus

- Dec 08, 2017-

Children are the most vulnerable groups, many of which are caused by external factors. Buy children's clothing, many people think that as long as the right type, beautiful style on the line, it is not. Children's clothing is the most critical one is safe, children's skin can be soft, their immunity is also poor, any minor impact will cause greater harm to them. Formaldehyde is a hidden element that endangers the health of children. Once the content of clothing metal buttons is too high, skin allergies will appear in the light and serious diseases such as cough or other diseases may occur. The formaldehyde mainly from the link of dyes and additives, these are the necessary reagents to be anti-wrinkle treatment, so the time of purchase, this type of children's wear metal buttons should not buy. Breathable, soft and warm clothes more suitable for children, spring and summer optional plain weave, silk and other types, while autumn and winter should be selected cotton, flannel and other types. In the color is not easy to choose too rich, the best light, so less irritating to children.