Children's clothing metal clothing button selection what standards

- Dec 08, 2017-

Now, more and more people attach great importance to the basic necessities of life of children, and all of them should be environmentally friendly. Of course, when purchasing the children's related products, the purchaser also requests the suppliers to provide the corresponding qualifications to ensure the safety of the products, Children's clothing, materials, material selection above, the customer will be carefully selected, even if it is just a child's clothing above a button

Parents will consider that the party is not convenient, there is no sharp hazardous substances, if it is a metal hardware buttons, will not contain some excessive lead poisoning and the like, because children occasionally play like the button

To put his mouth, and so on some of the verification, as a hardware button manufacturers, three-horse buttons, is a 15-year production experience button business, will naturally be concerned about this, all the metal buttons, Metal buttons, in timber, workmanship must be done to the extreme, it must be safe and environmentally friendly quality and quantity.